Image for HFC Amendment

Pathway to Adoption

EIA outlines how Parties to the Montreal Protocol can take the first concrete steps to create a 2016 agreement to phase-down HFCs.

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Image for Lumber Liquidators

Lumber Liquidators Sentenced

Lumber Liquidators will pay over $13 million for smuggling illegal wood into the United States.

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Image for Japan

Japan's Illegal Ivory Trade

Though frequently highlighted as a model of domestic ivory control, Japan’s system is plagued by loopholes and weak legislation, fueling an illegal ivory trade.

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Image for Europe's Last Forest

Stealing the Last Forest

EIA's latest investigative report on Austria's largest timber company, land rights, and corruption in Romania

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Image for Oil Palm

Between Water and Oil Palm

EIA has released a new video on the devastating effects of the palm oil sector on farmers and indigenous peoples in Colombia.

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