Forests for the World

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Exposing illegal logging and deforestation, amplifying local peoples’ voices, and shifting demand towards sustainable timber and wood products.

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Latin America

Since 2005, EIA has been working alongside local groups in Latin America to advocate for policies to stop the drivers of deforestation.

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Liquidating the Forest

EIA has been tracking the supply chain of illegal logging in the Russian Far East, through to manufacturers in China, to consumers in the United States.

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U.S. Lacey Act

EIA has been a driving force behind the passage and implementation of the U.S. Lacey Act, the world's first ban on imports of illegal wood products.

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Sustainable Commodities

Reducing demand for illegal and unsustainably sourced agricultural commodities.

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Our forest campaign strategy uses a dual approach to expose forest crime and promote new policy measures to help eliminate illegally sourced timber and wood products from global markets. Our undercover investigations and trade data analysis have instigated major crackdowns on illegal logging and associated timber trading around the world, and brought the issue to the world's attention. EIA is dedicated to bolstering the anti-illegal logging policies of the U.S. and other consumer countries, and ensuring emerging global climate change strategies address the conduct driving forest loss and damage.

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