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Confused about the declaration? View this flow chart to see what items require declarations and which are exempt.


Setting The Story Straight - The U.S. Lacey Act: Separating Myth From Reality. [Leer en español] [Lire en français] [Leia em Português]

Are you ready for the Lacey Act? Factsheet
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Frequently Asked Questions about the U.S. Lacey Act, the World's First Ban on Illegal Wood Products.

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A Consumer's Guide to Buying Wood. Know the Forest and the Trees. Read EIA and NRDC's Forest Facts Sheet


No Questions Asked. The Impacts of U.S. Market Demand for Illegal Timber—and the Potential for Change


Read the World Resource Institute’s Guide to Sustainable Procurement of Wood and Paper-Based Products


Watch the EIA video, Two Years in the Making: How the Lacey Act Is Changing the Global Timber Trade.


Watch the EIA video showing how the Lacey Act works to combat illegal logging and trade.


Watch the EIA animation that gives a simple and easy to follow overview of the Lacey Act and illegal logging.


The Lacey Act: Legality from Stump to Shelf. View a chart that depicts how violations of the Lacey Act can occur at any step along the supply chain.


U.S. Government Resources

View the Updated Federal Register online.

The Law -- Read the redline text for the amended Lacey Act.


Search the Common Name Database operated by the Forest Service to look up the scientific name of your wood product(s).

View the Customs and Border Protection website for information on the amended Lacey Act.

View the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) website for information on imports, FAQs and the Lacey Act.

View the CITES website for information on which plant species are protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

View EIA's primer for enforcing the Lacey Act. Includes information on the implementing agencies and liability.


Read the letter from Hill representatives to the agencies, supporting the new Lacey Act sent October 10, 2008.


Read the letter of organizational support to the agencies from environment and industry groups sent October 14, 2008.


View the comments on the Federal Register.

Federal Register Notices:

View the 9/29/10 Federal Register on the Lacey Act.

View the 8/4/10 Federal Register on the Lacey Act.


View the 9/2/09 Federal Register on the Lacey Act. Includes most current declaration phase-in schedule.


View the 2/3/09 Federal Register on the Lacey Act.


View the 10/8/08 Federal Register on the Lacey Act.

View PowerPoint slides from the 10/14/09 public meeting.



View the Plant and Plant Product Declaration Form PPQ505.

Clarifications on the Declaration Form:

Guidance on the Usage of Common Trade Groupings

Guidance for Composite Materials


Clarification on Unit of Measure


Helpful Links

Parliament of Australia: Illegal Logging Prohibition Act of 2011 provides a helpful summary of Australia's Illegal Logging Act

EU Against Illegal Logging provides information on legislative action in the EU against illegal logging

Green Forest University provides green education and training to professionals in the forest products industry. The courses focus on the information, standards, and programs that underlie and drive the sales and marketing of environmentally-responsible forest products.

The species database will help you choose the most suitable wood species for your project. It contains the physical properties and illustrations of more than 150 commercial species, reproduced from the popular TRADA Red Books and Wood Information Sheets. You must register to log-in, but the service is free.

Need tips on buying and selling sustainable furniture? Visit the Sustainable Furnishings Council website for information.

View Eyes on the Forest, a joint project of WWF, Friends of the Earth and the Indonesian organization Jikalahari, to document problematic forestry practices in Riau, ground zero of the Indonesian pulp and paper sector.

View PulpWatch.org, an independent pulp monitor with specific information about mills around the world.

View Global Forest Watch for additional resources on the Indonesian forest sector.

View the FSC Global Risk Assessment website, for country-by-country sourcing risk analyses.

View Smartwood’s country-specific legality standards for verifying compliance with sustainable forestry laws.

View whatsinyourpaper.com to understand the impacts of paper production and how it can result in one of the world’s most significant environmental challenges.

Check to see if your furniture and timber come from ecologically responsible sources. View Greenpeace New Zealand's Good Wood Guide.

View Forest Trends' resource library for reports on international forest products and the Lacey Act.

View the Tropical Forest Foundation's species bulletin page for information on the major tree species located in tropical forests throughout the world.

View the Wood Explorer's web site for a comprehensive database on the world's commercial wood species.

View information on illegal logging at a web site managed by the UK’s Chatham House, to get the latest news on the topic of illegal logging.

View the Environmental Paper Network's web site, a resource for purchasers, environmental organizations, industry, and individuals.

View the PulpWatch web site for news and analysis of the international pulp market.

View the Certisource web site for tips to eliminate illegal timber from your supply chain.

In the News

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Risk Free? Paper and the Lacey Act

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Report & Press Release: October 25, 2010. Investigation Into the Global Trade in Malagasy Precious Woods : Rosewood, Ebony and Pallisander VIDEO

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Article: October 5, 2010
Declarations and Due Care: Insights from Another Lacey Case.

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Article: October 5, 2010
Indonesia Asks Consumer Countries to Stop Buying Illegal Logs

Press Release: July 16, 2010
Illegal Logging Declines as Tougher Policies, Enforcement Rise: New study recognizes impact of the U.S. Lacey Act in controlling illegal timber

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Important first step towards shutting down the timber barons must now be backed up with stiff penalties

Article: July 7, 2010
Violence a part of the illegal timber trade, says kidnapped activist.

Article: June 2010
The Lacey Act and The World of Illegal Plant Products.

Press Release: March 31, 2010
Furniture, Musical Instruments Must Now Declare Basic Information under US Lacey Act.

Press Release: November 19, 2009
US Seizes Wood under New Law to Fight Illegal Logging

Press Release: October 1, 2009
Major US Illegal Logging Law Enters New Enforcement Phase

Article: September, 2009
Supply: The Product of Demand. A simple but great truth. The U.S. Lacey Act: Are You Ready?