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New Website User Friendly, Highlights EIA’s Core

As you peruse the EIA website, you may notice quite a few changes. That’s because we’ve completed a total overhaul of the previous website to give you, our visitor, a more informative and engaging experience.

At the core of this new site, as is at the core of what EIA does, are our images – photo and video. From the rainforests of Latin America to the African savannah, from wood processing factories in China to the showroom floors at retailers in the United States, EIA has used visual evidence to reveal environmental crime and those responsible, and this new website is built around that evidence.

Showcasing our images and video is one thing, but finding what you want is another. By updating our navigation bar at the top of each page and changing our search function’s algorithms, we want to make it easy and intuitive for you to find what you’re looking for in the world of environmental crime.

This new site also has a mobile-friendly version. And for social media connoisseurs, we’ve added Follow and Share buttons at the top of each page.

Most importantly, we will continue to create and update features on this custom site, so we invite you to be part of that process and also have patience as we fine tune this evolving project. See something that might be a glitch? Please email our Communications and Press Officer with a note at mdewane@eia-global.org.

Finally, we’d like to thank our developers, Spartan Systems, who have been diligent and on demand throughout this exciting transition.

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