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Markets Campaigner, Forest Campaign

The Environmental Investigation Agency, a 501(c)(3) non-profit advocacy organization based in Washington DC, is seeking a motivated, organized and committed campaigner to join one of the most dynamic advocacy teams in Washington today. EIA’s Forest Campaign documents and exposes illegal logging and associated trade and supports civil society organizations engaged in forest governance reform around the world. EIA uses primary evidence obtained from in-depth research of illegal timber trade flows to push for systemic policy shifts to stem the demand and funding for these illegal activities

Position description

Working in close collaboration with the Director of Forest Campaigns and the Forest team, the Markets Campaigner will focus on replicating the model of full legal responsibility along the supply chain beyond timber products to the wider commodity markets driving deforestation as well as the financial markets underpinning investment in these sectors. At EIA, the Markets Campaigner will work to develop and implement strategies to fundamentally reshape the rules for the commodity and financial markets to allow forests a chance to survive into the future. The work will focus on, but is not limited to, the following activities to achieve the above stated goal:

• Policy Analysis and Advocacy: Develop legal and policy pathways for expansion of the timber legality model to other commodities driving deforestation (notably palm oil, soy and cattle).
• Corporate research: Provide analysis of financial and corporate structures in the commodities trade.
• Research and Investigations: In cooperation with the forest team, coordinate and produce real-world evidence about the continued impacts and scope of illegal deforestation and commodity cultivation and production to catalyze increased and more effective action to address illegal and unsustainable trade in commodities.
• Media: Effective engagement with the media to increase momentum and educate stakeholders about the scope and severity of illegal and unsustainable cultivation and production of specified commodities.
• Capacity Building and Support: Support partner NGOs and communities to monitor specific commodity developments in their countries and effectively engage in national and international policy debates about the role of these commodities as a development strategy.

Essential Qualifications:

• Several years of experience in financial and market advocacy, and campaigns related to supply chains at a national or international level
• A strong interest in natural resource management, economic justice and/or human rights.
• Strong demonstrated oral and written communication skills
• Excellent interpersonal skills, in particular a collaborative and cooperative approach to work, as well as an ability to network and to build and maintain effective working relationships with a range of people, across a variety of settings
• Experience working with indigenous peoples and local communities
• Close attention to detail and enjoys working with a significant level of autonomy
• International experience
• Willingness to travel frequently.

Desirable Qualifications:

• Prior experience working in the financial or commodity markets and/or studying supply chains
• Prior experience studying or campaigning against deforestation
• Strong research and analytical skills
• Additional language skills in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese or Chinese
• Experience working with journalists and media to advance international campaign objectives
• Video production and editing skills

Compensation and Location

Competitive salary and benefits package, commensurate with experience. This position is based in EIA’s office in Washington, DC.


Send cover letter and resume/curriculum vitae to hr@eia-global.org with the subject line “Markets Campaigner Application” by March 12, 2018.

Due to the large volume of applicants, we are not able to answer emails or phone calls. Thank you for your understanding.

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