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The Hongmu Challenge: an EIA Briefing for 66th CITES Standing Committee

Since 2009, Asian demand has boomed for luxury furniture made with rare, high-value, and deeply hued rosewoods, mahoganies, and ebonies. Principally targeting 33 species within the Pterocarpus, Diospyros, Dalbergia, Millettia, and Cassia genera, sales in China's Hongmu sector exceeded $25 billion in 2014. The Hongmu sector is a significant threat to this group of timber species and constitutes a pressing challenge for CITES and its Parties.

The sector is driving systematic illegal and unsustainable extraction at unprecedented rates and sacles. Across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, the nature of the industry is the same--unsustainable extraction leads to domestic protection which is then undermined by smuggling aided by corrupt officials; finally, better-governed range states seek CITES protections.

EIA U.S. and UK have produced this briefing to accompany the discussions at the 66th CITES Standing Committee meetings.

Download and read the briefing here.

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