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La Veeduría Forestal

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Forest Liquidators & Timber Smugglers: The Full Story
EIA summarizes the federal case against Lumber Liquidators for violating the U.S. Lacey Act.
Traditional Chiefs Call for an End to Oil Palm Project on Their Lands
The SGSOC oil palm project has disrupted the livelihoods of many communities in Southwest Cameroon. Village leaders have written to the president, calling for a stop to the project...

Recent Videos

The 'S' Files
EIA's series of videos exposing Holzindustrie Schweighofer's involvement in illegal logging in Romania,
The Wrong Project in the Wrong Place
This EIA short documentary film presents interviews with members of local communities in the Southwest region of Cameroon about the negative impacts felt by a controversial oil palm project. The project, owned by Sithe Global Sustainable Oil Cameroon (SGSOC), has not only dispossessed community members of their land, but also threatened biodiversity hotspots and failed to meet development promises.
Lumber Liquidators pleads guilty to smuggling timber